Daily News Article

Special Operations Forces Invade Tampa…In A Training Exercise

- "You can never really appreciate what they do every night when they're deployed...they're the best in the world."

How to commemorate Memorial Day

- Memorial Day started off as a somber day of remembrance; a day when Americans went to cemeteries and placed flags or flowers on the graves of our war dead.

Obama administration targets spying threat on campus

- "We know that some foreign spies and criminals target students and faculty alike to steal valuable technology and intellectual property."

Google lobbyists’ White House visits

- Google representatives attended White House meetings more than once a week, on average, from the beginning of Obama's presidency through October 2015.

Portland school board bans climate change-denying materials

- In a move spearheaded by environmentalists, the school board approved a resolution aimed at eliminating doubt of climate change and its causes in schools.

Israel’s risk-based approach to airport security

- "This airport is under constant threat. All terrorist organizations know the consequences of hitting Ben Gurion airport."

Hackers target presidential candidates, U.S. spy chief says

- "We're aware that campaigns and related organizations and individuals are targeted by actors with a variety of motivations."

Police see promise in high-tech ‘GPS bullets’

- Devices mounted on squad cars fire GPS units onto fleeing vehicles to track them without engaging in high-speed chases.

Medal of Valor awarded to 13 at White House

- Police Maj. David Huff saved a 2-year-old girl being held at knifepoint after negotiations with her captor deteriorated.

Senate Bill Calls for Women to Register for Draft in 2018

- The White House has declined to say whether President Obama would sign into law legislation that expands the draft to include women.