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Want to Know What Facebook Really Thinks of Journalists?

- Here's what happened when it hired some...

U.S. families struggling with teens’ phone use

- Half of teenagers in the United States feel addicted to their mobile phones, a survey released on Tuesday found.

‘Reckless’ Russian fliers continue to taunt American jets

- A Russian plane performed an "unsafe and unprofessional" barrel roll over a US Air Force jet above the Baltic Sea on Friday...

Kansas governor withdraws from Syrian refugee program

- "Because the federal government has failed to provide adequate assurances regarding refugees it is settling in Kansas..."

Three linked to San Bernardino terrorist charged with marriage fraud

- Syed Raheel Farook and his wife Tatiana staged photos of Marquez and Chernykh to make them look like a married couple.

Federal judge upholds voter ID law in North Carolina

- U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder wrote, "In sum, plaintiffs have failed to show that any North Carolinian who wishes to vote faces anything other than the 'usual burdens of voting.'"

Cruz and Kasich unite to take down Donald Trump

- Currently Republican front-runner Donald Trump has 845 delegates; Ted Cruz has 559 delegates, John Kasich has 148.

Speed-Camera Debate Ramps Up

- Nationally, 139 communities have speed-camera programs...

Fight Over Delegate Rules Escalates for Both Parties

- Voters have gone to the polls in droves during the Republican primaries...

Obama meets Saudi king with Iran on agenda

- President Obama arrived in Riyadh on Wednesday ahead of a summit with other Gulf Arab leaders on Thursday and with regional tensions with Iran likely to be high on the agenda.