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Killing the Working Class at Wal-Mart

- Wal-Mart, America's largest employer, will close more than 150 U.S. stores' a move that will affect 10,000 employees.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders battle over meaning of ‘progressive’

- Bernie Sanders, responding to a question from CNN moderator Anderson Cooper, said there are issues where she is "just not progressive."

FBI joins probe of Flint, Michigan’s lead contaminated water

- The FBI said Tuesday it was joining a criminal investigation of lead-contaminated drinking water in Flint, Michigan, exploring whether laws were broken.

U.S. Warship Sails Near Island Claimed by China

- A U.S. warship conducted a patrol Saturday around an island in the South China Sea...challenging Beijing’s recent efforts to enforce maritime and territorial claims in the region.

Driverless cars work great in sunny California. But how about in a blizzard?

- Researchers who work on driverless cars say we're still five to 10 years away from developing an all-weather self-driving capability.

Walmart closures a “double blow” for many frustrated residents

- More than 100 Walmart stores around the country shut their doors Thursday for good -- many in small towns and rural areas with few other shopping options.

United States eases trade restrictions with Cuba

- The U.S. eased a number of trade restrictions with Cuba's communist government on Tuesday, in President Barack Obama's latest attempt to bypass Congress's economic embargo on the island.

Wounded Warrior Project accused of wasting donation money

- What caught CBS' attention is how the Wounded Warrior Project spends donations compared to other long-respected charities that all spend almost all of their donations on veterans.

Air Force Reminds Commanders: Conceal-Carry, Open-Carry OK on Base

- The attack last July on a recruiting office in Tennessee has prompted the Air Force to remind commanders they may authorize qualified airmen to carry weapons on base while off duty and out of uniform.

Last-Minute Democratic Town Hall With Clinton, Sanders and O’Malley

- The Democratic candidates answered questions from voters and CNN moderator Chris Cuomo.