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August 2005

8/16/2005 - Fight Expected at Hard-Line Gaza Outpost - Newsmax

8/15/2005 - UK Muslim Body’s ‘Moderate’ Tag Questioned - Cybercast News Service

April 2005

4/27/2005 - Syrian Troops Officially Withdraw from Lebanon - NY Sun

4/26/2005 - Saudi Gives Bush No Assurance On Short-Term Oil - The Washington Times

4/25/2005 - ‘Justice Sunday’ Broadcast Addresses Obstruction of Judicial Nominees - Cybercast News Service

4/22/2005 - House OK’s Energy Bill With Refuge Drilling - The Washington Times

4/21/2005 - Colleges Balk at Government’s Student Data Request - Fox News

4/20/2005 - Asian, African Catholics See New Pope Following in Predecessor’s Footsteps - Cybercast News Service

4/19/2005 - Bush on the Spot Over Religion in Saudi Arabia - NY Sun

4/18/2005 - Iraqis Take Up Gauntlet - The Washington Times

4/15/2005 - Activists Plan Disruptions for World Bank, IMF Meetings - Cybercast News Service