1.  Prime Minister Sharon has ordered the withdrawal of Israeli citizens from the Gaza Strip and 4 West Bank settlements.  Look at a map of Israel. 
-Where is the Gaza Strip located?  What country borders it on the south?
-Where is the West Bank located?  What country borders it on the east?
For a map, click here.
(For maps of Gaza and the West Bank, click here.)

2.  The West Bank and Gaza were designated as Palestinian territory.  For what reason were Jewish settlements created in these areas?
For settlement history, click here.

3.  List the various reasons for Israeli disengagement (ordering citizens to leave these settlements).
To read about disingagement, click here.

4.  What reasons do Jewish residents of Gaza give in the Newsmax article for refusing to leave their settlements?

5.  What is significant about the settlers’ tactic for resisting removal?  Why do you think many settlers have followed orders and left?  Do you agree with the settlers who refuse to leave or the settlers who have complied with eviction notices?  (The settlers are evicted from their homes, but the government will provide new housing for them in other areas of Israel.)  Explain your answer.

6.  Palestinians view the removal of these settlements as retreat by Israel.  Do you think engagement is the right thing to do?  Do you think the disingagement will result in peace between Palestinians and Jews in Israel?  Explain your answers.

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