1.  What sentence did Saddam Hussein receive yesterday for his crimes against humanity?

2.  a) List the countries that opposed Saddam’s punishment. 
b) For what reason do they oppose it? 
c) What do you think about this?

3.  Re-read paragraphs 7 & 8.  Which part of these paragraphs is the reporter’s opinion?

4.  What crimes was Saddam found guilty of in this case? Be specific.

5.  Saddam Hussein favored Sunni muslims. He did not treat Shi’a muslims or Kurds well. The majority of Kurds are Sunnis.  Go to the CIAWorldFactBook (found at Find the answers to the following questions under the people category:
a) What percent of the Iraqi population is Shi’a muslim?
b) What percent of the Iraqi population is Sunni muslim?
c) What percent of the Iraqi population is Kurdish?
d) What do these statistics tell you about the number of Iraqis who will probably be opposed to Saddam’s conviction?

6. a) How did the people of Dujail and Baghdad react to the news of Saddam’s death sentence?
b) How did the people of Tikrit react?
c) Why was the reaction in Saddam’s hometown different?

7.  Saddam and his co-defendants are appealing the verdicts against them.  The nine-judge appeals panel has unlimited time to review the case. If the panel upholds the verdicts and sentences the executions must be carried out within 30 days.  How do you think justice would best be served?

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