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Amazon introduces grocery store without cashiers

- High-tech sensors and artificial intelligence are allowing shoppers at the Seattle food market to swipe an app when they enter...

The Admiral Who Took the Fall for Pearl Harbor

- 75 years later, the family of Adm. Husband Kimmel—who commanded the U.S. Pacific Fleet in 1941—is still fighting to restore his honor

Oldest Pearl Harbor Survivor, 104, Flies Back to Honolulu

- Ray Chavez, who lives in Poway, California, will serve as a special guest of the 75th anniversary commemorative ceremonies on Dec. 7.

USS Zumwalt breaks down for 2nd time

- The US Navy's most technologically advanced warship broke down while transiting through the Panama Canal, the second setback for the $4 billion ship in the last two months.

The Dakota Pipeline Protests, Explained

- "Morton County and Standing Rock have been friends and neighbors for generations, and that won’t change," Cody Schulz, chairman of the Morton County Commission in North Dakota said.

The OPEC deal is a sign of ‘tough economic circumstances’

- OPEC producers are increasingly facing growing financial stresses at home.

Creator of Big Mac dies at 98

- Jim Delligatti came up with the idea for the Big Mac in 1965 and first served it at his Uniontown, Pa., McDonald’s outlet in 1967. McDonald’s put the Big Mac on its national menu in 1968.

Price picked to lead HHS

- "The things that we all believe about health care…have been destroyed by Obamacare." That is "why we need…to make sure we put in place a real health solution."

Fidel Castro’s Communist Utopia

- He turned a developing Cuba into an impoverished prison.

Vast Shale Oil Field In Texas Could Yield 20 Billion Barrels

- The discovery is nearly three times larger than the shale oil found in 2013 in the Bakken and Three Forks formations in the Dakotas and Montana.