Quote of the Week

Grieving man stopped for speeding

- "I am truly grateful for this guy. He gave me hope."

1st American Runner with Autism Wins Paralympic 1500 Meter Gold

- "I’m going to keep practicing and improving and getting stronger from here."

Bald Lovebird

- Fans send custom sweaters for Rhea

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin

- Young people, don’t be a Neville Chamberlain, be a Winston Churchill…

Construction workers pose at top of skyscraper

- Construction workers took a death-defying photo...

89-year-old Holocaust survivor sings U.S. anthem at Detroit Tigers game

- "I love the song itself. I love it."

This is Kevin

- A cat whose features make him look permanently surprised.

Raising Men Lawn Care

- "I’m doing something positive."

Do you need a bison?

- A family in Texas is looking to re-home their beloved pet.

Eli Apple’s mother

- "I told him, 'Dude, you’re an unemployed college dropout. You will not be on TV with a Rolex.'"