Human Interest News

Students left pineapple in exhibition and people mistook it for art

- "I decided to see how long it would stay there..."

Irish beach washed away 33 years ago reappears overnight

- Villagers express delight after entire beach turns back sands of time.

Quadruplet brothers pick Yale over all other Ivies

- The 18-year-old brothers were accepted to a combined 59 colleges, including Yale archrival Harvard.

Austrian town finds its hermit

- Stan's the man.

Hermit wanted

- Officials in Austria seek 'person at peace with himself' to live alone in stunning cliffside hermitage.

UK Supreme court rule against father who took daughter out of school for family vacation

- A father who refused to pay a fine has lost his legal battle.

Freighter mysteriously vanishes

- A giant freighter mysteriously vanished in the South Atlantic.

Leaning Tower of Pisa is getting a Ferris wheel

- Italian officials aim to drum up more tourism.

Waitress drags huge lizard out of Australian restaurant

- She had never seen a goanna until four days before...

World’s Deadliest Spider, part II

- Boy bitten by world's deadliest spider in Australia, makes 'incredible' recovery.