image871“That has to be God.  Out of all the places you could get hit in the body, you get hit right there. It was truly amazing.”
Christian Vinas, 21, on how co-worker Bienvenido Reynoso’s belt buckle blocked a bullet from hitting him.

The two had been working at a Philadelphia market when they heard gunshots.  Both hit the floor.  Surveillance footage shows a man on a bike firing a gun outside the market. One person outside the store was hit in the abdomen and was hospitalized in critical condition, police said.


Bienvenido Reynoso

At first, Reynoso didn’t realize he could have been a second victim. ‘‘When I check my body, I don’t see nothing, no blood, nothing,’’ he said in an interview at his home Thursday.‘‘And I said I’m going to be OK.’’

Then someone noticed a hole at the bottom of Reynoso’s shirt. That’s when he found the bullet stuck to his belt buckle. Police took the bullet and shirt as evidence. But Reynoso, the father of a young daughter, got to keep the belt, which he said he got in New York three years ago.  When a reporter asked Mr. Reynoso: “What went through your mind when you saw that bullet there?”  he replied:  “Thank you God.”

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