Talk about a lucky penny. It was actually worth $1 million.

That was the final bid by an unknown buyer for the one-cent copper coin minted in 1793, the first year the United States produced its own coins. Its sale was one of the biggest deals at the coin show and annual convention of the Florida United Numismatics at the Orange County Convention Center.

The 1793 penny fetched a high price because it is rare and was in outstanding shape, showing no wear on its lettering, its Lady Liberty face or the wreath on its back.

This car has a mind of its own.

The vehicle — whose owner forgot to engage the parking brake in Stirling, Australia — rolled through a parking lot, across a road and down a driveway where it slid into a garage.

The owner reported the vehicle stolen. It was found 17 days later when the garage owner returned from a trip and found it.

“Put down that lollipop and come out with your hands up!’’

The library in Charlton, Mass., sent cops to retrieve two overdue books from a 5-year-old girl.

The officers did not throw the book at the little girl.

But her mother said the frightened child asked if they were going to arrest her and said, “I was scared.’’

Jan. 4 birthday runs in the family in Ohio

Jan. 4 birthdays have been running in one Ohio family for four generations.

Richard Stiff of the Toledo area turned 65 on Wednesday.  The day is also the 34th birthday of his daughter, Julia Gonyer, and it’s the first birthday of Gonyer’s daughter, Kourtney.

 The string began with Stiff’s late father, Marshall Stiff, who was born on Jan. 4, 1924.

 All four family members arrived on Jan. 4 through unscheduled, natural births.


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