Emu escapes from Vermont farm, on the lam for 5 weeks
An elusive emu on the lam in Vermont has been amusing residents in communities on Lake Champlain.

The 150-pound flightless bird looks like a small ostrich. It has been spotted wandering here and there in Grand Isle and South Hero since it escaped from a local farm five weeks ago.

It was spotted again Friday outside the South Hero elementary school, where it walked by a window of the principal’s office. School worker Steve Berard tried to lasso it with an extension cord, but it broke free.

The emu’s owner tells WCAX-TV he bought three emus for his grandchildren but they don’t make great pets.

He’s taken out an ad in a local newspaper saying, “Free emu if you can capture it.”

Or it could be a prelude to an alien invasion
All of the garage door openers on one street in St. Charles, Mo., suddenly stopped working in late December. One resident said it “can’t be a coincidence,” but experts just don’t know why. Their best guess is “frequency pollution.”

Criminal justice, eh?  Well, boy, Wyoming justice is gonna cost ya
A college kid ate a doughnut at a market in Powell, Wyo., and left without paying for it. He was brought to court and ordered to pay a whopping $200 fine, plus $10 in court costs and 79 cents for the doughnut. He is majoring in criminal justice.

From The Boston Herald.