You Feelin’ Lucky, Punk!?

A man broke into a home in Western Pennsylvania at 4:30 a.m., figuring on an easy mark because he knew an 84-year-old man lived there with his ailing wife. But the old guy, a Korean War veteran, heard the guy smash through his kitchen door, grabbed the German Luger he used in battle and opened fire. The bullet grazed the guy’s neck and he ran away.

Coin toss decides Texas city council election

A winner has been chosen by a coin toss in a Texas city council election.  Church administrator Bruce MacNair won Friday’s flip that decided the race between him and Bryan Studer.  The two had agreed to the coin toss to decide the contest for a seat on the Wolfforth city council after each received 118 votes in last weekend’s election.

The men saved the tiny city the $10,000 cost of a run-off election.

MacNair won by drawing heads. He says he’s glad the election is over.

Wolfforth is a small community near Lubbock with about 3,700 residents.

Amherst fire chief angry at ‘idiots’ on roof

A Massachusetts fire chief says three college students his firefighters had to rescue from the roof of a campus building are “idiots” for wasting his department’s time and money.

Amherst Chief W. Tim Nelson says he intends on sending bills to the Hampshire College students rescued at about 10:30 p.m. Monday.

Nelson says that had there been a more pressing emergency, response times would have been delayed.

When asked why they climbed on the roof 20 feet off the ground, one responded it was because they wanted to “see what it looked like up there.” The chief noted that it was dark and raining at the time.

A Hampshire spokeswoman called the incident a “lapse in judgment,” and said a school investigation is under way.

From The Boston Herald