Why did the chicken cross the road?

Man dresses as chicken to slow down drivers

(by Abigail Elise, ABC WISN, April 26, 2018) HILTON HEAD, S.C. — Speeding is a problem in a South Carolina resort town, and one man wants to do something about it.

Logan Cambron went one step further than posting a sign – he donned a chicken suit to inspire drivers to slow down while traveling through the Point Comfort neighborhood on Hilton Head Island.

One of Logan’s chickens was recently injured while crossing the road, which gave him the idea. Now, he’s hoping to keep people safe from speeding drivers.

“We’ve got over a dozen kids just from here back, and the cars come through at the blind corner here,” he said. “But they keep flying down that way, and I’ve clocked a construction truck pulling a cement mixer going 43 miles an hour through here.”

The area’s speed limit is 30 mph, but Logan wants it reduced to 20 mph.

According to the town of Hilton Head, the road belongs to the state Dept. of Transportation, and the city doesn’t think the speed limit needs to be lowered.

“The town conducted a speed limit study of the area a number of years ago, and do not believe that conditions have changed significantly since the town conducted its most recent speed limit study,” said traffic and transportation engineer Darrin Shoemaker.

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