“You can look at it and say, unfortunately, we’re having a lot of guys hurt. But at the same time we’re having a lot of guys hurt who are finding relevancy in going out there and succeeding post-injury.  We’re finding a way to get past, finding a way to strive for success just the way we were in the military.  After joining the military, you want to be the best in the world at your job because it means life or death. (After injury) we’re stripped of the ability to do that the way we used to do. But we can still find an avenue through elite competition.”
former Navy bomb defuser, Lt. Brad Snyder, who last September lost both eyes in an Afghan explosion, on participating with the U.S. Paralympic team competing in England

Unfortunately, no U.S. TV stations will feature much of the 2012 Paralympics live.  Here are two other options for watching:

U.S. Paralympics YouTube Channel
Beginning on Aug. 29 and continuing through the conclusion of the Games on Sept. 9, U.S. Paralympics will provide 10 daily video highlights packages via its U.S. Paralympics YouTube channel. The videos will chronicle the competition, athlete stories and will also include the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Videos chronicling the lead-up to the Games will also be available in late August.

International Paralympic Committee live stream
The International Paralympic Committee’s online coverage includes broadcasting 580 hours of live sport from London 2012 on USParalympics.org during the competition. During each day of London 2012, the website will broadcast four streams of uninterrupted live coverage from the Paralympics with English commentary, including daily coverage of swimming, wheelchair basketball and athletics, while a fourth channel will cover a range of sports.