One thousand, two thousand–hey, what’s this? Ka-Boom!

Auditors came to a bank in Wellington, Colo., to go over the books and count the cash. Alas, somebody forgot to remove the exploding dye packs from the money before handing it over to them.

Oh, there it is, officer – I’m just as surprised as you are…

In an effort to scam her insurance company with a phony claim, a woman in Paignton, England, reported that a burglar had broken in and taken her 52-inch, flat-screen TV out through her living room window. Detectives measured the window and found that it was too small for this to occur. They found the TV upstairs under a bed.

New York City sewage plant to offer Valentine’s Day tours

It may not smell like a rose but a New York City sewage plant is offering on Valentine’s Day.

The tour host and superintendent of the Newtown Creek Wastewater treatment plant in Brooklyn tells the Daily News it’ll be a unique date, and one that special someone will never forget.

Jim Pynn says the highlight of the tour will be the plant’s giant egg-shaped digesters, which break down the noxious waste into harmless sludge and gas.

Pynn says each Valentine’s Day visitor will get a Hershey kiss — and at least something to talk about.

Dozens of pets rescued from Ohio fire find homes

David Jones, deputy dog warden with Hamilton County SPCA carries Godzilla, an iguana after it was rescued from a home that caught fire in Mt. Healthy, Ohio, Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012.

Several dozen animals have found temporary shelter after Ohio firefighters rescued at least 60 pets from a house fire in a Cincinnati suburb.

Authorities responding to the Thursday morning fire found a menagerie of about a dozen snakes, 18 rats, a hedgehog, a chinchilla, birds, rabbits and others creatures. Most of the animals survived the fire at the Mount Healthy home, although at least one iguana and two cats died.

Pet owner Nikki Hagaman, who volunteers at The Animal House pet store that also rescues animals, was not at home when the fire broke out. She said she had at least 77 pets.

Authorities couldn’t say Friday the exact number of animals rescued but Harold Dates of SPCA Cincinnati put the number at just over 60. He said the animals were well cared for but a “little shaken up.” He said they went to rescue groups, volunteers or friends.

Hagaman told the media she believes a heat bulb used to keep her reptiles warm may have started the fire. Many of the rescued pets were taken to the pet store after the fire.

Adam Charles and his wife of Colerain Township took in almost three dozen animals, including ferrets, guinea pigs, and rats. Charles told WCPO-TV that the animals were adjusting to their new surroundings.

He said one of the rats has a broken back and the ferrets were coughing and sneezing from inhaling too much smoke.

From The Boston Herald.