“Then one day you realize that everything your parents have been telling you is right.”
24-year-old Landon Rochat-Boeser, who is going to have plastic surgery to repair the earlobes that he has spent 10 years stretching through the insertion of ever-larger discs.  Rochat-Boeser’s parents advised him against stretching his lobes, “but you’re at that point in your life when everything your parents tell you is wrong,” he said.

“If I want to be taken seriously as a professional, I have to start looking like a professional. Whether you like it or not, or whether it’s fair or not, people judge you based on your appearance.” Rochat-Boeser added.

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James Clark, 33, who has been piercing ears for 15 years, stretched his own lobes out to more than 2 inches is considering getting surgery to reduce them.

When a person quits wearing the stretching jewelry, the holes in their lobes will start to close. Surgeons typically have their patients go several months without jewelry to let the lobes heal as much as they can on their own.