“All the weight is in the claws.  It would break your arm.” 

A child inspects Rocky, a 40-inch-long, 27-pound lobster that was landed off the coat of Maine by shrimp fisherman Robert Malone.

Elaine Jones, education director for the Maine’s Department of Marine Resources, on a giant 27-pound lobster caught off the Maine coast by Cushing shrimp fisherman Robert Malone, who gave the 40 inch lobster to the Maine State Aquarium after catching it in his nets Feb. 17.

The lobster, named Rocky because it was caught in the Rockland area, is the biggest ever brought to the aquarium, surpassing the previous biggest one by 4 pounds. It’s huge compared to lobsters people eat, which typically weigh between 1 and 2 pounds. The largest lobster in the Guinness Book of Records weighed 44lb and was caught in waters off Nova Scotia.

Rocky was released back into the wild on Wednesday.


Watch a news report here: wmtw.com/r-video/30521818/detail.html