Paul Morgan

“The lads are chuffed (pleased) that he didn’t go down without putting up a fight.  He was a good soldier and a very humane and kind man.”
A fellow soldier who had served in the French Foreign Legion with Paul Morgan, a Gulf War veteran who was the first Briton to be killed in the hostage massacre in Algeria.  Morgan “went down fighting” as he tried to repel the terrorists, according to friends.

Mr. Morgan worked for a British private security firm at the In Amenas gas plant in Algeria as a liaison between the gas field workers and the local security staff stationed at the facility.  He was on a bus taking him to the local airport when al-Qaeda terrorists attacked it last week. He fought back and paid with his life as he tried to protect his colleagues.

Bryce Gillies, 53, Mr. Morgan’s colleague and friend from Wemyss Bay, Scotland, said:
“He was a lovely guy. His job was to keep everything secure and he was excellent at it and very well respected.”