There’s a reason they call it a mobile home.

When a man who lived in a camper at a Titusville, Fla., trailer park tried to stave off eviction by locking himself inside, the park owner got rid of him by towing the trailer away — with the man inside — all the way to the next county.


Nepal and China are clashing over 11 feet.

The two nations, which each share part of Mount Everest, are locked in a dispute over the true height of the peak.

Nepal says Everest is 29,028 feet, while China says it is merely 29,017 feet.

To settle the matter, Nepal has put out a call for international help from scientists who can properly measure the mountain.


Fat cats aren’t very popular with voters these days…
but one candidate for the US Senate thinks he can buck the trend.

Hank the Cat, of Springfield, Va., looks like a politician — the fat feline is seen on campaign posters wearing a tie and sitting behind a big desk.

Owner Anthony Roberts says Hank’s a moderate.


Speaking of cats . . .

Two tigers and a leopard have been taken away from Tarzan.

Steve Sipek, who played the famous character in a 1970 remake, liked the role so much, he’d been keeping the cats at his Loxahatchee, Fla., home.

But officials said he didn’t have the required permits.


From The New York Post.