“When I hear about anybody stealing anything it just makes me really angry.”
82-year-old Hertha Wallecker after she attacked a bank robber, pulled his mask off, and thwarted the robbery. 
“That’s the bank’s money, if you want money get a job you lazy devil,” she apparently shouted at him as they scuffled.

Mrs. Wallecker attacked the masked robber after he burst into a bank in the town of St. Egyden am Steinfeld in Austria wielding a handgun and claiming to have a bomb. She first struck him with her handbag, and then tried to pull his mask off despite the robber threatening to shoot her.

As the criminal tried to stuff money into a bag Mrs. Wallecker went on the assault again, this time managing to pull off his mask in full view of the bank’s security cameras. Then, as he tried to put his mask back on she pulled at the money bag, spilling cash all over the floor.  At this point the robber fled to a getaway car waiting outside the bank. But with the evidence from the cameras and fingerprints police later arrested a 62-year-old man on suspicion of robbery.

“I would do it again but my nephew told me it was crazy and I could have been shot,” she also said.