“Everybody felt like it was a privilege every day to be on set telling this story.”
Actor Bradley Cooper, who in “American Sniper” plays Chris Kyle — the real-life Navy Seal who earned a reputation as the most lethal sharpshooter in U.S. history.


Chris Kyle


Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle

The movie American Sniper is based on Chris Kyle’s autobiography amazon.com/American-Sniper-Autobiography-Military-History

* Note:  On February 2, 2013, Chris Kyle and a friend were shot and killed at a shooting range in Texas by 25-year-old U.S. Marine Corps veteran Eddie Ray Routh.  County Sheriffs said the motive for the killing was unclear.

Watch a March 2012 NewsMax interview with Mr. Kyle:

Watch a February 2012 Conan O’Brien interview with Chris Kyle: