Video of the Week

Animal rights

- Are humans as valuable as animals?

HS Student’s Impromptu Prayer

- "It’s not about me at all. It’s all about God."

Far From the Ocean, These Surfers Don’t Wait for Waves

- Fighting for the right to Idaho.

Four-minute mile

- "That makes six of us."

Mets’ Buddy Carlyle Makes Memories for Young Fans

- He has been playing catch with kids in the stands since about 2007.


- "We want to ask everybody to pray for these families. We want everybody to pray for police officers not only here but around the United States."

Inside an iconic American bubble gum brand

- Thirty-five years ago, Big League Chew stepped up to the plate...

HS basketball team displays incredible sportsmanship

- The Gainesville Tornadoes

34-year-old Green Beret hopes to be NFL’s most unlikely rookie

- "I’m not your average 34-year-old."

Double, Quadruple Rainbows Spotted in New York

- Storms over NY brought about a magnificent sight...