So many people will want to read about Harbor, the black and tan coonhound from Colorado who made the Guinness Book of World Records, it’ll soon be dog- eared.  He’s won the 2012 title for “longest ears on a living dog.’’ His left ear is 12.25 inches long, his right 13.5  Owner Jennifer Wert says that when he was a puppy, Harbor would trip over his ears and roll down the stairs.

Dumbest Crook
A man in Tampa, Fla., made a bid for Dumbest Crook of the Year when he tried to steal a pickup truck from an accident scene that was swarming with cops.  Colby Wade Cardoso allegedly tried to steal the vehicle after its owner got out to talk to officers as a witness to the wreck. He was quickly caught, which was a good thing — the victim’s kid was in the back seat.

Don’t Give In
This carjacker faced justice before he was even busted.  When the thief jumped on a Kansas City woman’s car and demanded the vehicle at gunpoint, the driver did not give in.  Instead, she drove — with the crook on the hood — at high speed to the nearest police station and then crashed into the building. The thief suffered minor injuries.

From The New York Post.