DIRECTIONS: For the true/false, write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement, then rewrite each false statement to make it true. (10 points each)

1. __________________ The U.S. could suffer a coast-to-coast blackout if saboteurs knocked out just nine of the country’s 55,000 electric-transmission substations on a scorching summer day, according to a study by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

2. __________________ The study by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission concluded that coordinated attacks in each of the nation’s three separate electric systems could cause the entire power network to collapse.

3. __________________ On Monday, President Obama imposed sanctions on 11 Russian and Ukrainian officials including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

4. __________________ The sanctions freeze any assets of these individuals under American jurisdiction and prevent American banks from doing business with the named individual and also impose a ban on these individuals travel to the U.S.

5. __________________ It was revealed this week that the NSA can record “100 percent” of a foreign country’s telephone calls, enabling the agency to play back conversations up to an hour after they take place.

6. __________________ When publishing this newly revealed information about the NSA, The Washington Post withheld details on which countries the MYSTIC voice interception system is being used at the request of Edward Snowden.

7. __________________ The Maryland Public Service Commission announced in February that customers who don’t want smart meters installed in their homes will have to pay their power companies an up-front fee, plus a monthly charge for opting out.

8. __________________ Customers opposed to having smart meters installed in their homes express concerns over how the meter looks.

9. __________________ A federal judge ruled this week that Kansas and Arizona are allowed to require voters to provide evidence of U.S. citizenship.

10. __________________ Currently the federal voter registration form only requires voters to sign a statement declaring they are citizens.

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