PLEASE NOTE: This is the final “Friday’s News Quiz” of the school year.

DIRECTIONS: Decide whether the bolded section is true or false.
Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement,
then rewrite each false bolded statement to make it true.

1. ____________ During and after the recent Israel-Gaza conflict, American Palestinians have been the targets of death threats, hate speech and violent physical attacks – with attackers screaming obscenities at them and calling for their deaths.

2. ____________ Pro-Israel demonstrators are responsible for the attacks against these people who were dining – or walking down the street while wearing items that identify their religion.

3. ____________ Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee released a report this week saying there is “significant circumstantial evidence” that the coronavirus originated from a leak at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.

4. ____________ It is important for the U.S. (and world) to know how the Covid-19 virus originated to allow health experts and government officials to prevent “or quickly mitigate future pandemics.

5. ____________ Texas state legislators voted on Monday to approve Senate Bill 4, a bill that addresses the issue of professional sports teams in the state that choose not to play the national anthem before their games. The bill is also called the “Star Spangled Banner Protection Act.”

6. __________ Teams who choose not to play the national anthem will forfeit the opportunity to further receive state money and may be required to “repay any money paid to the team by this state or any governmental entity.” Sponsored by Republicans, the bill passed strictly along party lines.

7. ____________ American actor and WWE star John Cena stood his ground and stated his support for Taiwan’s independence after calling Taiwan a country during an interview with a Taiwanese broadcaster to promote his movie Fast and Furious 9.

8. ____________ The Chinese Communists use the country’s economic power to control the way global brands talk about China or any of its political interests (Hong Kong, etc.). In 2019, NBA legend LeBron James took the Communist Party’s side when a Houston team executive tweeted support for Hong Kong’s freedom.

9. ____________ Memorial Day started off as a somber day of remembrance; a day when Americans went to barbecues and shopping malls.

10. ____________ Ways to honor those who have died include: visiting cemeteries and placing flags or flowers on the graves of our fallen heroes, visiting memorials and flying the U.S. flag at half-staff until noon.

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