U.S. Constitution Day is September 17th.

In lieu of our regular Friday’s News Quiz due to the short week, take a special Constituion quiz:

1. Which was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution?
a) Virginia
b) Delaware
c) Rhode Island
d) Ohio

2. When the Constitution was signed, what was the nation’s largest city?
a) New York
b) Washington, D.C.
c) Baltimore
d) Philadelphia

3. The average age of the framers of the Constitution was approximately:
a) about 30
b) about 40
c) about 50
d) about 60

4. Prior to the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920, what was true?
a) Women did not have the right to vote for president
b) Women in certain states had the right to vote for president
c) All women had the right to vote for president
d) Women married to landowners had the right to vote for president

5. The phrase “the Constitution means what the Supreme Court says it means” is stated
a) The phrase does not appear in the constitution
b) Article I of the Constitution on legislative authority
c) Article II of the Constitution on executive authority
d) Article III of the Constitution on judicial authority

6. Which amendment overturned a previous amendment?
a) the 15th Amendment
b) the 19th Amendment
c) the 21st Amendment
d) the 27th Amendment

7. Which one of the following is explicitly mentioned somewhere in the Constitution?
a) The right to keep and bear arms
b) Separation of church and state
c) The right of association
d) The right to privacy

8. If you are accused of a crime, the Sixth Amendment guarantees you which one of these?
a) A speedy and public trial
b) A trial by an impartial judge
c) Free cable TV in your cell while awaiting trial
d) A free phone call

9. According to the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution what shall not be required?
a) A bribe to become the Speaker of the House
b) Congressional seniority to bring a bill to the floor in Congress
c) Excessive bail
d) A title of nobility to hold public office

10. What part of the Constitution lets Congress delegate power to the United Nations?
a) Article 1, Section 8
b) the 18th Amendment
c) Article 1, Section 10
d) None of the above


(Excerpted from a quiz at constitutionfacts .org)

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