DIRECTIONS: For the bolded part of each statement, circle the correct answer.

1. Nearly one percent / half of the student population at Harrisburg High School in Pennsylvania received suspension notices last week because the students had too many unexcused absences. Instead of reporting to class, students congregate in hallways, restrooms, gymnasiums and other areas of the school building.

2. Harrisburg High School’s new principal took the step to give suspension notices to so many students because she wanted to alert parents to the problem / impress the superintendent.

3. President Trump moved to reset U.S. relations with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi this week after the prior Obama administration’s strained ties. Al Sisi’s meeting with President Trump was his first official U.S. visit since being elected president in 2014. President Obama had never extended an invitation. Instead, Obama State Department officials met with members of the Muslim Brotherhood / ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

4. Egypt has long been one of Washington’s closest allies in the Middle East. During their meeting, President Trump said President al Sisi had his support and vowed to work together to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad / fight Islamic militants.

5. ICE agents in California have begun arresting illegal immigrants who appear at California courthouses after arrest for other crimes because local authorities / angry college students have blocked apprehensions at jails.

6. In a letter to the U.S. Attorney General and DHS Secretary, California’s Governor / Supreme Court Chief Justice said ICE agents were “stalking undocumented immigrants” at courthouses. The AG and DHS secretary said the use of the word “stalking” suggested criminal conduct and was unwarranted because ICE is constitutionally and lawfully authorized to arrest illegal immigrants.

7. General Motors and the U.S. Army developed the hydrogen-powered Chevrolet ZH2 off-road stealth truck. Nitrogen / hydrogen is used to create electrical energy to power the vehicle.

8. The two features that make the ZH2 truck a stealth vehicle are minimal noise / giant mufflers and minimal heat.

9. After at least 70 civilians were killed in a chemical weapons attack launched by the Islamic State / Syrian government this week, President Trump said, “What happened yesterday is unacceptable to me.”

10. Trump said the poison gas attack in Syria ”crosses many, many lines,” an allusion to his predecessor Barack Obama’s threat to topple Assad with air strikes / draw a second red line in the sand if he used such weapons.

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