1.  Rebels in Chad began an uprising on Saturday that is jeopardizing an international relief effort to assist refugees from neighboring ____________, who have fled the war in Darfur
a)  Congo
b)  Sudan
c)  Nigeria
d)  Libya

2.  ___________ is the former colonial ruler of Chad
a)  France
b)  England
c)  Belgium
d)  the United States

3.  President Bush sent his fiscal 2009 budget proposal to Congress this week, asking for
a)  $3.1 billion
b)  $3.1 trillion
c)  $3.1 million
d)  $30.1 billion

4.  Nearly two-thirds of the budget is ________________ spending
a)  defense
b)  education
c)  discretionary
d)  mandatory

5.  Which Republican presidential candidate won the majority of state primaries on Tuesday?
a)  Mitt Romney
b)  John Mc Cain
c)  Ron Paul
d)  Mike Huckabee

6.  John Mc Cain says that he is a conservative. Why don’t conservatives like Sen. Mc Cain?
a)  his record shows that he is not a real conservative
b)  he opposes same-sex marriage
c)  he wants to close the borders and he opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants
d)  he is leading the fight to make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent

7.  Why is Time Warner selling its AOL dial-up service?
a)  the company’s revenues fell 33% since last year
b)  people like dial-up better
c)  Microsoft has offered to buy it for $1 billion
d)  no Americans use dial-up service anymore

8.  How many subscribers did AOL have at its peak?
a)  2 million
b)  10 million
c)  20 million
d)  200 million

9.  Yap Inc. has created software for drivers that
a)  has a GPS which gives directions
b)  converts spoken words into text messages
c)  pilots the car automatically
d)  gives warnings when they are speeding

10.  ________% of drivers ages 18 to 24 send or receive text messages while driving
a)  six
b)  sixteen
c)  sixty-six
d)  twenty

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