1.  Which of the following was not one of the changes to the Venezuelan constitution proposed by President Chavez?
a)  eliminate presidential term limits
b)  lower the voting age to 16
c)  shorten the working day to six hours
d)  raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour

2.  Venezuelan President Cesar Chavez is attempting to turn Venezuela into a __________________ state.
a)  fascist
b)  communist
c)  socialist
d)  Democratic

3.  The NIE released this week made the following conclusion on Iran’s nuclear program:
a)  Iran halted its nuclear-weapons program in 2003
b)  Iran continues its secret program to develop a nuclear weapon
c)  Iran has moved its nuclear weapons program to North Korea
d)  sanctions against Iran have successfully caused that country to permanently dismantle its nuclear weapons program

4.  __________________, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said that the NIE conclusions on Iran’s nuclear weapons program should have remained secret if the classified supporting data cannot be made public
a)  Kofi Annan
b)  John Bolton
c)  Stephen Hadley
d)  Ban Ki Moon

5.  Despite the NIE report on Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the Israeli government still insists that Iran is building nuclear weapons and will have them completed in less than:
a)  2 years
b)  5 years
c)  10 years
d)  12 years

6.  Enriched _________________ is needed to build nuclear weapons
a)  plutonium
b)  zinc
c)  kryptonite
d)  uranium

7.  Which of the following is not included in North Korea’s agreement with the five countries negotiating the end of North Korea’s nuclear program?
a)  North Korea must disable its main reactor at Yongbyon by Dec. 31
b)  North Korea must disclose all of its nuclear materials and capabilities in a declaration to be made by the end of the year
c)  North Korea must end all work on nuclear programs, including nuclear energy
d)  none of the above

8.  If North Korea disables its main reactor at Yongbyon by Dec. 31, it will receive all but which of the following?
a)  a free trip to Disneyworld for Kim Jong Il and his entire family
b)  normalized relations with the U.S. and Japan
c)  energy and other economic assistance
d)  none of the above

9.  Why are former border patrol agents Ramos and Compean serving 11 and 12 year sentences in prison?
a)  they killed an innocent illegal immigrant
b)  they killed an illegal immigrant who was smuggling drugs
c)  they shot and wounded a drug smuggler on the Texas border as he was escaping into Mexico
d)  they shot and wounded an innocent immigrant on the Texas border as he was escaping into Mexico

10. Who has written a resolution asking President Bush to commute the prison sentences of Ramos and Compean?
a)  Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy
b)  Massachusetts Rep. Bill Delahunt
c)  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
d)  New York Senator Hillary Clinton

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