1.  How did Christopher Columbus say he got the idea that it would be possible to sail to the Indies?
a)  God put the idea into his mind
b)  his father suggested that he try it
c)  he had a dream that it was possible
d)  his just took a wild guess

2.  Which of the following words is not usually associated with Christopher Columbus:
a)  adventurer
b)  Christian
c)  sailor
d)  discoverer of the New World

3.  What is Obelisk?
a)  al Qaeda’s Internet communications system
b)  al Qaeda’s secret meeting place in Pakistan
c)  al Qaeda’s inner circle of leaders
d)  al Qaeda’s name for their terrorist projects around the world

4.  Al Qaeda uses the internet for all but which of the following?
a)  recruitment
b)  emails between Osama bin Laden and senior operatives
c)  as a distribution system for the videos it puts out
d)  expense reporting and clerical memos to mid- and lower- level operatives

5.  The ________________ government might send troops into Iraq to track down Kurdish rebels who have been performing terrorist attacks in their country.
a)  Iranian
b)  Syrian
c)  Armenian
d)  Turkish

6.  How does the U.S. government view PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party)
a)  as freedom fighters
b)  as irrelevant
c)  as terrorists
d)  as an important ally

7.  The Northwest Passage has not been open to sea traffic until recently for the following reason:
a)  until now the passage has been icebound and immensely dangerous to navigate
b)  no ship had ever made the journey before
c)  the maps available were not adequate for a captain to navigate a ship through the area
d)  Greenpeace had declared the area off limits to humans to preserve the wildlife living there

8.  ________________ has claimed sovereignty over the Northwest Passage
a)  the U.S.
b)  the U.N.
c)  Canada
d)  the European Union

9.  Former Vice President Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for
a)  his role in bringing peace to the Middle East
b)  his work in alerting people to the impending environmental catastrophes caused by man-made global warming
c)  his work in ending the genocide in Darfur
d)  inventing the internet

10. Al Gore is sharing the Nobel Peace Prize with
a)  the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
b)  Greenpeace
c)  Bill Clinton
d)  the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

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