1. Two stores on ______________________ School of Mines and Technology campus are performing one of the world’s first experiments in Biocryptology – a mix of biometrics and cryptology.
a) Pennsylvania
b) South Dakota
c) South Carolina
d) Colorado

2. Biometrics uses __________________ to identify a person:
a) age
b) gender
c) nationality
d) physical traits

3. Israel and __________________ on Monday carried out a successful test of the next-generation Arrow 3 missile defense system, for the first time sending an interceptor into outer space, where it could destroy missiles fired from Iran.
a) the Palestinians
b) Syria
c) the U.S.
d) the UN

4. The Arrow 3 is part of a multilayered system that Israel is developing to protect against a range of _____________ threats.
a) missile
b) suicide bomber
c) global warming
d) sleeper cell

5. Giant _________________ have mysteriously found their way into the waters of Lake Tahoe.
a) eels
b) crocodiles
c) goldfish
d) pythons

6. This invasive species in Lake Tahoe threatens native species while posing a potential waste pollution problem. Researchers are conducting a project to reduce the number from the lake through:
a) noodling
b) spear fishing
c) the use of pesticides
d) electrofishing

7. Governor Chris Christie signed a bill into law this week to legalize internet gambling in _________________. Before signing the bill, Gov. Christie required that a 10-year trial period for online betting be included in the the law, and that taxes on the Atlantic City casinos’ online winnings be raised from 10 to 15%.
a) New Jersey
b) Nevada
c) Delaware
d) New Mexico

8. ____________________ percent of the population of NJ have a gambling problem.
a) .039
b) 309
c) 39
d) 3.9

9. American millionaire Dennis Tito and a group of fellow space entrepreneurs announced on Wednesday that they will try to mount the first-ever flight to Mars. Tito says his proposed Mars trip is feasible decades ahead of any mission NASA would make because:
a) it will use non-union workers to build the spacecraft
b) it would use privately designed spacecraft already in development
c) it has been awarded a $5 billion government grant to fund the project
d) it has hired NASA employees who were laid off when President Obama ended the space shuttle program

10. The trip will be made using relatively little fuel because the Earth and Mars will be aligned at their shortest distance apart. The round-trip to Mars will take ________________.
a) 501 days
b) 5 days
c) 50 days
d) 5 years

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