DIRECTIONS: Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement. Rewrite each false statement to make it true.

1. __________________ The Republican Convention this week went on as scheduled despite the threat to several Gulf Coast states from Hurricane Gustav.

2. __________________ This week, Democrats and Republicans alike called for their supporters to join together to aid those in need in the Gulf Coast states.

3. __________________ President Bush spoke at the Republican convention via satellite from the White House.

4. __________________ During his speech, President Bush criticized Sen. McCain for pushing so hard for a surge in Iraq.

5. __________________ Sarah Palin is a Senator from Alaska.

6. __________________ During her speech, Mrs. Palin said she was going to Washington to seek the media’s good opinion.

7. __________________ In his speech at the Republican convention, Senator McCain said he will not work with Democrats to get things done in Washington.

8. __________________ Senator McCain said in his speech that the Democratic party believes in low taxes, open markets, a strong defense and personal responsibility. 

9. __________________ Which candidate does not support the Iraq war, but thinks more troops should be sent to Afghanistan?

10. __________________ Which candidate disagrees with his running-mate about drilling for oil in ANWR?

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