1. In last week’s March on Washington, “tea party” protesters went to the Capitol to protest all but which one?
a) budget deficits
b) President Obama’s health care plan
c) the war in Afghanistan
d) big government spending

2. Most of people speaking at the “tea party” at the Capitol were ______________.
a) conservative politicians
b) professional lobbyists
c) liberal politicians
d) average citizens

3. Airborne U.S. Special Operations forces attacked a car in _______________ on Monday and killed Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, one of east Africa’s most wanted al Qaeda militants.
a) Somalia
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Pakistan
d) Afghanistan

4. Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan was wanted for:
a) the 2002 terrorist attacks on a hotel in Kenya and an Israeli airliner
b) the bombing of the USS Cole
c) several recent suicide bombings in Baghdad
d) the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa

5. FBI agents and police raided several New York City apartments this week after a man who was under surveillance for possible links to al Qaida visited New York City over the weekend and then left the area. The authorities were searching for:
a) other al Qaida operatives who came into the U.S. through Mexico
b) Osama bin Laden
c) explosives and possible links to al-Qaida operatives
d) the blind sheikh

6. FBI and Homeland Security asked police to be on the lookout for evidence of homemade bombs. Signs to look for include all of the following except:
a) people with burn marks on their hands
b) large industrial fans or multiple window fans
c) foul odors coming from a room or building
d) people who loudly threaten to blow up government buildings in the middle of a crowded movie theatre

7. The missile-defense system proposed by the Bush administration was comprised of
a) interceptor missiles in Iraq
b) a radar site in the Czech Republic and 10 interceptor missiles in Poland
c) nuclear warheads on an aircraft carrier in the Baltic Sea
d) a radar site in Pakistan and 10 interceptor missiles in Afghanistan

8. The Obama administration has determined that Iran’s long-range missile program hasn’t progressed as rapidly as previously estimated, which they say reduces the threat to the continental U.S. and major European capitals. Due to this determination, they have announced that the U.S. will
a) shelve the missile defense system planned for Eastern Europe
b) eliminate the U.S. nuclear weapons program
c) begin dismantling all nuclear warheads in U.S. possession
d) negotiate with Iran in the hopes that they will end their nuclear weapons program altogether

9. The prime minister of Bangladesh has ordered male government employees to stop wearing suits and ties to work in an effort to:
a) establish a more laid-back work environment
b) increase productivity
c) establish a rapport with Bangladeshi citizens
d) save electricity

10. The Bengladeshi government will soon:
a) order businesses to follow its example
b) encourage businesses to follow its example
c) order female government workers to wear shorts to work
d) close down government offices during the summer months

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