1. Inspectors for the IAEA, the nuclear watchdog agency of the _________, reported this week that Iran is very close to creating a nuclear weapon.
a) U.S.
b) E.U.
c) U.N.
d) A.U.

2. The IAEA’s report stated that Iranian nuclear scientists had made the necessary amount of enriched ________________ to arm a nuclear warhead.
a) uranium
b) plutonium
c) radiation
d) kryptonite

3. When two IAEA inspectors reported in June that Iranian scientists were performing undisclosed nuclear activity, the Iranian government:
a) imprisoned them
b) barred the two from the country
c) filed a libel lawsuit against the two
d) blamed the U.S. and Israeli governments

4. A Long Island, NY homeowner was arrested this week after he:
a) shot some men who refused to leave his front lawn
b) shot into a group of men who threatened to kill his wife and children
c) threatened to kill a group of men who were on his front lawn
d) shot several warning shots into his lawn after a group of men threatened to kill his wife and children

5. The Long Island homeowner who was arrested said he thought the men trespassing on his property were:
a) members of the MS-13 gang
b) the same kids who had hit a baseball into his yard on several occasions
c) members of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang
d) salesmen who repeatedly came to his home despite a “no soliciting” sign

6. U.S. Marines rescued a German cargo ship this week that had been taken hostage by pirates
a) in the Gulf of Aden
b) near the Suez Canal
c) in the Persian Gulf
d) near the Rock of Gibraltar

7. The _________ pirate(s) were captured unharmed
a) one
b) nine
c) nineteen
d) ninety

8. More than 140 piracy-related incidents have been reported off Somalia’s coast and more than ______ ships have been hijacked since January 2010.
a) 3
b) 13
c) 30
d) 300

9. Which of the following is not a major issue that needs to be resolved before the WTC Memorial opens next year?
a) who will be permitted to visit
b) where the tour buses will be parked
c) where visitors will enter the memorial
d) how visitors to the memorial will be screened

10. In the article, what factor was presented as a safety risk to visitors to the WTC memorial?
a) the memorial will be a prime target for Islamic terrorists
b) the construction of skyscrapers and other buildings on three sides of the memorial over the next several years
c) the large number of tour buses could increase traffic accidents
d) with larger crowds, a larger number of pickpockets could come into the area

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