DIRECTIONS: Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement. Rewrite each false statement to make it true. (10 points each)

1. _______________ The new Texas shale oil field known as the Eagle Ford is just one of about 20 new onshore oil fields that could collectively increase the nation’s oil output by 25 percent within a decade.

2. _______________ The method for extracting oil out of the shale is known as fracking.

3. _______________ Oil companies will invest $25 million this year to drill oil wells in shale oil fields.

4. _______________ German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced this week that Germany would close all of its nuclear reactors by 2022.

5. _______________ Germany generates approximately 20% of its electricity from nuclear power.

6. _______________ France, which generates approximately 75% of its electricity from nuclear power, has said they will not alter their use of nuclear power.

7. _______________ Israel lifted a four-year-old blockade on the Gaza Strip’s border at Rafah on Saturday.

8. _______________ Israel and Egypt imposed the blockade after the Islamic militant Hamas seized control of Gaza in June 2007.

9. _______________ States from North Dakota to Missouri are expected to be affected by flooding from the Missouri River in the coming weeks.

10. _______________ The Missouri River is flooding as a result of heavy spring rains which have filled reservoirs to capacity, which wil leave no room for the annual snow melt from the Rocky Mountains.

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1. true

2. true

3. false – replace “million” with “billion”

4. true

5. true

6. true

7. false – replace “Israel” with “Egypt”

8. true

9. true

10. true