1. The U.S. Navy announced this week that it will accompany American-flagged ships in response to Iran’s seizure of a ship in the ______________, which is also known as the gateway to the Persian Gulf.
a) Strait of Magellan
b) Strait of Malacca
c) Strait of Hormuz
d) Strait of Gibralter

2. Much of what is being shipped for the U.S. through the Strait is _________________ and food for the U.S. military in the region. An American international trade economist explained, “In large part, the goods transported on U.S.-flagged vessels are either related to the U.S. government or to organizations that are supported by the U.S. government.”
a) care packages
b) munitions
c) troops
d) fuel

3. In their appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court over Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana, the states of ___________ and ___________ argue that Colorado is causing irreparable harm in their own states, including significant interstate trafficking of marijuana from Colorado.
a) California and Arizona
b) Utah and New Mexico
c) Washington and Oregon
d) Oklahoma and Nebraska

4. The two states want the court to declare that Colorado’s 2012 ballot initiative decriminalizing marijuana is preempted by federal drug laws and is, thus, unconstitutional. They want the federal government to _________________ the federal law.
a) enforce
b) change
c) ignore
d) add to

5. In addition to former First-lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which politician has officially announced his bid for the Democratic presidential primary?
a) former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley
b) former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee
c) Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders
d) former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb

6. The DNC announced this week that they will hold six Presidential primary debates beginning this fall, with the first four to take place in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina. These four states are:
a) the states with the largest number of electoral votes combined
b) the only states in which Hillary Clinton will participate in a debate
c) the states that usually vote Republican in presidential elections
d) the first four early-voting states

7. California’s senate education committee has approved a bill making it _________________ for children to be vaccinated before starting school. The bill would eliminate the personal beliefs exemption, which would effectively eliminate any exemption based on religion. Under the bill, only children with medical waivers to opt out of vaccinations would be exempted.
a) discretionary
b) voluntary
c) optional
d) mandatory

8. The new bill in California was introduced in the wake of a _________________ outbreak that began at Disneyland and infected 147 people last year.
a) chickenpox
b) flu
c) measles
d) polio

9. A U.S. Court of Appeals ruled this week that a lower court judge erred in dismissing a lawsuit by the ACLU that challenged the constitutionality of the ___________________’s surveillance program.
a) EPA
b) CIA
c) NSA
d) DHS

10. The ACLU had challenged the constitutionality of the surveillance on the ground it violated citizens’ _____________________ rights.
a) First Amendment
b) Second Amendment
c) Fourth Amendment
d) Fifth Amendment

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