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1. __________________ A task force of U.S. military advisers and hostage negotiators landed in Nicaragua last Friday to help the government rescue the nearly 300 kidnapped schoolgirls there.

2. __________________ During a Twitter town hall meeting, when asked whether he believed the girls can be found, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry tweeted, “100% certain they will. Boko Haram seems reasonable.”

3. __________________ The FCC has announced it will propose new rules this year on how small drones can be used legally for commercial purposes.

4. __________________ Currently, the FAA requires non-recreational drone users to get its approval.

5. __________________ An appeals court ruled this week that a California woman who wanted to sue the police department for wrongful detention and excessive force is able to go forward with her lawsuit.

6. __________________ The woman, a San Francisco resident with no criminal record, was pulled over and handcuffed by police when the automatic license-plate scanner on a police cruiser, which the police knew was not always accurate, erroneously identified her car as stolen.

7. __________________ Money for the Highway Trust Fund comes from the federal gas tax. The Highway Trust Fund has almost run out of money because people don’t pay enough taxes.

8. __________________ Since 2008, Congress has given the Highway Trust Fund billions of dollars to keep it afloat. Congress secured the extra funds by investigating and eliminating fraud and waste in the current system.

9. __________________ The European Union Court of Justice ruled this week that individuals can ask Google to remove links to news articles, legal judgments and other information that comes up during a name search.

10. __________________ The court ruled that Google must amend some search results at the request of ordinary people in a test of the so-called “right to mind their own business.”

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