News quiz for week ending 5/8/09

Friday's News Quiz   —   Posted on May 8, 2009


Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement. Rewrite each false statement to make it true.

1. __________________ In an effort by the local government to boost tax revenue, officials in Hubei province in China have been ordered to meet a quota for the number of cigarettes they buy.

2. __________________ Even schools in Hubai province have been issued a smoking quota for students.

3. __________________ The World Health Organization this week urged countries around the world to take extreme measures to combat the spread of the swine flu.

4. __________________ The swine flu has killed people in dozens of countries over the past month.

5. __________________ Thousands of residents in Pakistan’s Swat Valley evacuated their homes as truce between Pakistani forces and Christian militants ended.

6. __________________ Pakistani President Zardari met this week with President Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai to discuss a coordinated approach to fighting the Taliban.

7. __________________ The National Day of Prayer is an annual event inviting people of all faiths to pray for our country and our leaders.

8. __________________ President Obama chose this year to end President Bush’s tradition of holding a public ceremony for the National Day of Prayer at the White House.

9. __________________ Researchers for British Telecom concluded from an evaluation of hard drives bought on eBay that a large range and quantity of information that could have a potentially commercially damaging impact or pose a threat to the identity and privacy of the individuals involved was recovered from the hard drives.

10. __________________ The sensitive information found on hard drives bought at eBay included confidential voting results from American Idol.

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