1. Currently __________ states have banned texting while driving.
a) 1
b) 5
c) 25
d) 50

2. Vermont brought North Carolina’s Turn Off Texting Campaign to several high schools this spring, which had students:
a) texting while driving a golf cart on the interstate
b) texting while driving a parent’s car
c) texting before they drove to test their reflexes
d) texting while driving a golf cart in a parking lot set up with cones

3. Google admitted this week that its Street View cars have been ___________ in the U.S. and over 30 other countries since 2006.
a) getting into multiple car accidents as the drivers were concentrating on the photos they were taking, instead of the road
b) collecting personal information that users send over wireless internet connections in their houses and businesses
c) spending a lot of money on gas
d) matching incorrect addresses with the pictures they were taking

4. Regarding the personal data they inappropriately collected, Google:
a) promise[d] to delete the data “as soon as reasonably possible”
b) said it was immediately deleted as soon as the report of their data collection was made public
c) said people shouldn’t worry about the collection of their personal data because the motto of their company is “Don’t be evil”
d) said they misplaced the data, but would delete it as soon as they found it

5. To prevent any more people from dying, ____________ protest leaders in Thailand surrendered this week.
a) Brown Shirt
b) Yellow Shirt
c) Red Shirt
d) Purple Shirt

6. After the protest leaders’ announcement of surrender in Thailand, hard-line protesters
a) set fire to the headquarters of Thailand’s Stock Exchange, shopping malls and a television station
b) went home peacefully
c) followed the example of the leaders and surrendered
d) agreed to a one-month truce to give time for negotiations

7. Angered at Arizona’s illegal immigrant law, the City of Los Angeles imposed an economic boycott on the state by voting to end $8 million in contracts with Arizona, and to _________________________.
a) prohibit its citizens from vacationing in Arizona
b) invite all illegal immigrants currently living in Arizona to move to Los Angeles
c) refrain from doing future business with Arizona or companies headquartered there
d) demand that other states to stop doing business in Arizona

8. Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce responded to Los Angeles’ boycott by:
a) writing a letter to the mayor of Los Angeles suggesting that if they really want to divest from Arizona, Los Angeles should end its power contract with the state
b) shutting down the power company that supplies electricity to 25% of Los Angeles
c) vowing to never visit Los Angeles again
d) agreeing to Los Angeles’ demand to repeal the illegal immigration law

9. ____________ executives are holding off on the launch of their facial recognition technology following public criticism over its privacy policies.
a) Yahoo
b) YouTube
c) Google
d) FaceBook

10. Privacy advocates are opposed to adding facial recognition to the product because they fear it would:
a) allow users to track strangers through a photograph, making it into an ideal tool for stalkers and identity fraudsters
b) be too expensive to operate
c) allow the federal government to have too much access into peoples’ lives
d) all of the above


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