1. In its fight against Islamic extremists who have made a base in southern Somalia, Somalia’s government wants to ________________ the counterinsurgency model employed by General David Petraeus in Iraq.
a) emulate
b) ignore
c) denounce
d) compliment

2. The Islamic Courts Union, an Islamist group with suspected ties to al-Qaeda, in 2006 ousted the Somali transitional government, took control of most of the country and imposed ______________ law there.
a) martial
b) anarchist
c) sharia (Islamic)
d) democratic

3. Indiana’s voter law, challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, requires voters to show _________________ before voting.
a) proof of residence
b) photo identification
c) a social security card
d) proof of employment

4. In a decision this week the U.S. Supreme Court held up Indiana’s voter law. In the controlling opinion, U.S. Supreme Court Justice ____________ wrote “We cannot conclude that the statute imposes ‘excessively burdensome requirements’ on any class of voters.”
a) Antonin Scalia
b) Ruth Bader Ginsburg
c) Samuel Alito
d) John Paul Stevens

5. Scientists in ________________ have been examining a 32ft-long Colossal squid, caught by fishermen last year hundreds of miles off the southern coast in Antarctic waters.
a) Australia
b) New Zealand
c) Papua New Guinea
d) Brazil

6. The examination of the squid is significant because it is the __________________ squid ever caught.
a) largest and oldest
b) oldest and best preserved
c) largest and best preserved
d) youngest and best preserved

7. An unintended consequence of the government mandating the use of ethanol is:
a) increasing food prices
b) a shortage of gasoline
c) a shortage of beef
d) increasing gas prices

8. ______________________ continue to support government mandates on ethanol.
a) oil companies
b) American citizens
d) farmers and corn growers

9. Yad Vashem is
a) the Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C.
b) Israel’s main Holocaust memorial
c) Germany’s main Holocaust memorial
d) the Holocaust memorial in New York City

10. In an effort to make reliable information more readily available to the public, Yad Vashem is providing videos through
a) YouTube
b) Facebook
c) Google
d) MySpace

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