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DIRECTIONS: Decide whether the bolded section is true or false. Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement, then rewrite each false bolded statement to make it true.

1. ______________ The Pentagon is re-establishing the U.S. Navy’s 2nd Fleet (which was disbanded in 2011 as a cost-savings measure) to patrol the U.S. east coast and the northern Atlantic Ocean.

2. ______________ The decision to reactivate the 2nd Fleet followed increasing threats in the Atlantic from Cuba, whose submarine activity is at its highest levels since the Cold War, according to NATO and U.S. officials.

3. ______________ On Monday, the Trump administration officially opened the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, fulfilling a campaign promise and complying with the United States’ Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995.

4. ______________ Palestinians oppose the U.S. embassy move.  They say it is their capital – all of it – and it is their land that the Jewish people stole.

5. ______________ DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told Congress this week that the agency needs new legal authority to track threatening drones and disable or destroy them if necessary. She said, “ISIS has used armed drones to strike targets in Syria, and we are increasingly concerned that they will try the same tactic on our soil.” DHS has “also seen drones used to smuggle drugs across our borders and to conduct surveillance on sensitive government locations.”

6. ______________ In 2017, the FAA banned drone flights over major U.S. nuclear sites, as well as drone flights over 10 U.S. landmarks. Also banned in 2017 were drone flights over 133 U.S. military facilities. In 2017, the Pentagon gave U.S. military bases authority to shoot down drones that pose a threat.

7. ______________ After meeting with South Korea’s president in April, Kim Jong Un promised to close North Korea’s nuclear test site, and invite U.S. weapons inspectors and the media to verify it. He also promised to denuclearize South Korea.

8. ______________ This week Pyongyang said that Kim Jong Un would not back out of the summit with President Trump on June 12 if the U.S. insists on denuclearization in exchange for lifting economic sanctions.

9. ______________ Boston Dynamics will begin selling BigDog, its four-legged robot, to companies that want a mechanical quadruped to get to places a wheeled device can’t reach.

10. ______________ Eventually, Boston Dynamics hopes to sell the robot for use in people’s homes.

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