1.  The terrorist group ________________________ conducted attacks in Lebanon over the past week.
a)  Hezbollah
b)  Hamas
c)  al Qaeda
d)  the Muslim Brotherhood

2.  _______________ is a terrorist group founded in Egypt and operating mainly out of the Gaza Strip in Israel.
a)  Hezbollah
b)  Hamas
c)  al Qaeda
d)  the Muslim Brotherhood

3.  The Burmese junta renamed the country of Burma _________________________
a)  Indonesia
b)  Sri Lanka
c)  Myanmar
d)  Nepal

4.  In the aftermath of the cyclone in Burma, the ruling junta
a)  has sent tons of supplies and thousands of military personnel to assist the survivors
b)  has refused to accept any supplies including mosquito nets, blankets and water from the U.S.
c)  has accepted the U.S. Navy’s offer assisting in disaster relief
d)  is refusing to allow foreign aid workers to enter the country to assist with disaster relief

5.  Former vice-president Al Gore has a partnership in a venture capital firm that has invested millions into start-up _______________ companies
a)  internet
b)  hybrid car
c)  green growth
d)  bottled organic water

6.  The U.S. government currently subsidizes
a)  the drilling for oil in ANWAR
b)  building more oil refineries
c)  the bio-fuel ethanol
d)  the purchase of gasoline for those who can’t afford it

7.  The Chinese government announced on Thursday that this week’s earthquake in China may claim as many as _________________ lives
a)  500
b)  5,000
c)  15,000
d)  50,000

8.  How many dams are believed to be affected by the earthquake in China?
a)  400
b)  40
c)  4
d)  1

9. For what reason are traditional values groups asking the California Supreme Court to stay its decision legalizing gay marriage?
a)  they disagree with the court
b)  because of the marriage amendment bill that will be on the ballot in November
c)  they want marriage defined by the court as being between “one man and one woman”
d)  they do not believe in same-sex marriage

10. Why did California Supreme Court Justice Carol Corrigan dissent from the majority opinion to legalize gay marriage in the state of California?
a)  she said California’s constitution does not allow the court to do so
b)  she said she opposes legalizing gay marriage
c)  she is morally opposed to same-sex marriages
d)  she supports legalizing gay marriages

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