DIRECTIONS: Fill in the blank with the correct answer.

1. Last Friday, _______________ retaliated after an Islamic Jihad sniper shot and injured two soldiers patrolling the Gaza borders. The militants then began firing hundreds of rockets into Israel.

2. Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants launched at least _______________ rockets and mortars at towns and villages in southern Israel from Gaza last weekend, killing four Israeli civilians and injuring many more.

3. More than 140,000 people gathered at the _______________ in Tokyo to greet the new Emperor Naruhito on Saturday. In the first abdication 200 years, Naruhito’s father had abdicated due to his concern over his advanced age.

4. Naruhito’s grandfather was _______________, the Emperor during WWII and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He was emperor of Japan from 1926 until his death in 1989.

5. U.S. government officials announced this week that a Carrier Strike Group and a bomber task force are being deployed to the Middle East in response to threats to U.S. troops by _______________. A Defense Department official said that U.S. intelligence has detected a “number of preparations for possible attack” on land and at sea.

6. White House National Security Adviser _______________ said the purpose of the deployment is to send a “clear, unmistakable” message to the belligerent government that “unrelenting force” would meet any attacks against U.S. troops or allies.

7. Prior to the Arctic Council meeting in Finland this week, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the US plans to beef up its Arctic presence to keep ________ and ________ “aggressive behavior” in check.

8, To counter this aggression in the Arctic, _______________ is “hosting military exercises, strengthening our force presence, rebuilding our icebreaker fleet, [and] expanding Coast Guard funding.”

9. The U.S., along with _______, _______ and _______ finished a weeklong sail through in the South China Sea on Wednesday, with the stated goal “to train together and promote maritime cooperation throughout a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

10. The sail through was arranged to counter _______________ aggression in the region, in which that country has militarized reefs and islands by creating 3,200 new acres of land in the sea’s Spratly Islands, building artificial land masses for military outposts, as well as placing “anti-ship cruise missiles and long-range surface-to-air missiles on the  outposts.”

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