1. The recent kidnapping of a prosecutor’s father directed by the man she put in jail has highlighted the problem of prisoners obtaining cell phones in jail. Prisoners are able to access cell phone through all but which one of the following?
a) hurled over security fences
b) hidden inside basketballs, footballs or tennis balls
c) mailed to the prisoners through FedEx
d) smuggled into prisons by corrupt guards

2. Officials are using all but which one of the following tactics to address the cell phone problem:
a) using metal detectors, X-ray body scanners, pat downs and WiFi signal searches
b) searching every guard as he reports to work
c) using police dogs trained to sniff out phones
d) passing laws that make it a crime to give/have a cellphone in prison

3. The Obama administration last week again postponed a decision on whether to allow the Keystone pipeline to be built because they say:
a) President Obama wants to delay the decision until after midterm elections in November
b) they want to be really sure that it won’t affect the water in Nebraska
c) President Obama does not want the pipeline to ever be built
d) they want to give eight different federal agencies more time to submit their views on whether the pipeline from Canada’s oil sands to the Texas Gulf Coast would serve the national interest

4. After the Obama administration’s announcement last week about another delay in the Keystone pipeline decision, ________________ Democratic senators urged the administration to approve the pipeline.
a) no
b) one
c) eleven
d) all

5. Aereo is an Internet startup company that gives subscribers in 11 U.S. cities access to over the air TV programs on their laptop computers, smartphones and other portable devices. ________________ are opposed to Aereo’s service because they say Aereo is essentially stealing programming by taking free TV signals from the airwaves and sending them over the Internet without paying redistribution fees.
a) broadcasters
b) cable tv stations
c) Netflix
d) viewers

6. Some broadcasters have said if they lose at the Supreme Court they will:
a) consider abandoning free over-the-air broadcasting
b) only show re-runs in the future
c) sell their stations to Netflix
d) close their stations

7. Writing the controlling opinion in the affirmative action case this week, Justice Anthony Kennedy upheld Michigan’s constitutional amendment banning racial preferences. All but which one of the following justices agreed with him?
a) Justice Antonin Scalia
b) Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
c) Justice Stephen Breyer
d) Chief Justice John Roberts

8. Justice Sotomayor’s dissent was unusual in that for the first time in her tenure on the court, she:
a) asked a question during the oral arguments
b) noted how strongly she disagreed with the decision by reading her dissent from the bench
c) allowed cameras into the courtroom
d) agreed with Justice Clarence Thomas

9. The newly released study paid for by _______________ concludes that biofuels made from corn are worse than gasoline for global warming in the short term.
a) the federal government
b) the coal industry
c) corn farmers
d) President Obama

10. An AP investigation last year found that ___________ analysis of corn-based ethanol failed to predict the environmental consequences accurately.
a) Du Pont’s
b) the EPA’s
c) Shell Oil’s
d) the Corn Farmers’ Association

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