1. In one week, over ___________ people were rushed to hospitals across New York State due to adverse reactions to synthetic marijuana.
a) six
b) sixteen
c) sixty
d) one hundred and sixty

2. Synthetic marijuana is an herbal product sprayed with powerful and sometimes unknown chemicals. Commonly marketed and sold under such names as ________________, it has great potential for adverse effects. These synthetic drugs are often marketed as legal plant material coated with chemicals that are supposed to mimic the effects of marijuana.
a) Sugar
b) Spice
c) Bahama Mama
d) Wacky Weed

3. According to a survey by the CDC, the number of students who said they had used e-cigarettes at least once in the past 30 days ___________________ in one year, from 4.3% to 13.4% for high school students and from 1.1% to 3.9% for middle school students.
a) decreased
b) doubled
c) tripled
d) quadrupled

4. _________________ are warning against the use of e-cigarettes because they say it is too early to know the long-term health effects of using them and warn that nicotine can adversely affect brain development among adolescents.
a) health officials
b) cigarette manufacturers
c) teens who smoke
d) tobacco growers

5. In a recent exercise conducted in Jersey City, NJ, the federal government agency ___________ attempted to map out what an oil-train accident might look like in an urban area.
a) FDA
b) FAA

6. The agency conducted the exercises in Jersey City because they are concerned about a serious accident in a densely populated area, ________________________.
a) although they do not believe such an accident will ever happen
b) and expect this type of accident to occur in the next 12 months
c) and wanted to practice extinguishing a huge oil fire
d) and believe it is possible that it could occur in an urban area in the future

7. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-3 this week that police can’t prolong a routine traffic stop to allow a drug-sniffing dog to search the vehicle unless they have:
a) a search warrant
b) a reasonable suspicion of uncovering contraband
c) permission from the driver
d) a K-9 partner

8. The three justices who dissented include all but:
a) Justice Clarence Thomas
b) Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
c) Justice Samuel Alito
d) Justice Anthony Kennedy

9. A federal judge this week has approved a settlement agreement that is expected to cost the NFL _________________ to resolve thousands of concussion lawsuits.
a) $100 billion over 65 years
b) $100 billion over 6 years
c) $1 billion over 65 years
d) $1 billion over 6 years

10. For years, _______________ has/have been accused of hiding the risks of repeated concussions to return players to the field.
a) the players’ union
b) the NFL
c) the fans
d) sportswriters

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