1. U.S. and international negotiators reached the “framework” for a breakthrough nuclear deal with Iran last week. The agreement will restrict, but not eliminate, Iran’s ability to:
a) enrich uranium to make nuclear weapons
b) hold rallies calling for “Death to America”
c) sign a peace treaty with Israel
d) impose sanctions on the U.S.

2. President Obama defend the agreement by saying all but:
a) “If Iran cheats, the world will know it”
b) the agreement will make the world “a safer place”
c) the agreement is a “good deal”
d) “Israel has nuclear weapons, why shouldn’t Iran?”

3. In response to the Obama administration’s agreement with Iran, Tennessee Senator ________________ who is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said President Obama “needs to sell this [the Iran deal] to the American people, and Congress needs to be involved.”
a) Hillary Clinton
b) Bob Corker
c) Chuck Schumer
d) Jack Daniels

4. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is to vote on a bill, supported by ______________________, that would prohibit President Obama from suspending sanctions on Iran during a 60-day congressional review.
a) both Republicans and many Democrats
b) only Democrats
c) only Republicans
d) some Republicans and all Democrats

5. On April 1, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Odierno announced that the Army would be implementing a new tattoo policy which will allow soldiers to have tattoos:
a) on their arms and legs as long as they are not visible in the Army Service Uniform
b) that are extremist and derogatory but not sexist or racist
c) covering their hands
d) on their neck, head and/or face

6. The Army is changing the tattoo policy for all but which one?
a) the realization that the Army could lose good soldiers over the policy
b) pressure from the tattoo industry after business suffered due to the ban
c) the overwhelming opposition to the ban by soldiers
d) the recognition that times are different and tattoos are part of society

7. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been found guilty on all 30 counts for the Boston bombing. The second phase of the trial will determine:
a) how may years he will have to spend in jail
b) what penalty Tsarnaev deserves
c) if he will be deported for the terrorist attacks he committed
d) when he will be up for parole

8. When calling for the death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, US Attorney General Eric Holder cited four aggravating factors. Which one of the following was not cited by Mr. Holder?
a) terrorists should be tried as enemy combatants, not criminals
b) the “heinous, cruel and depraved manner” of carrying out the crimes
c) the substantial planning and premeditation in the crimes
d) Tsarnaev’s intentional killing and infliction of injuries

9. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback last week signed a bill into law that will allow Kansas residents to carry concealed weapons in the state without training or a permit. The governor said the new law will ____________________ and that “Responsible gun ownership – for protection and sport – is a right inherent in our Constitution.”
a) violate the rights of criminals
b) violate the rights of gun owners
c) protect the rights of gun owners
d) protect the rights of criminals

10. Opponents to Kansas’ new concealed carry law objected because:
a) the measure poses safety risks – there is no way that taking away training can make guns safer
b) only police should be permitted to carry guns
c) concealed carry laws decrease crime in a state
d) the 2nd amendment does not give citizens the right to own guns

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