DIRECTIONS: For the bolded part of each statement, circle the correct answer.

1. Following the March for our Lives rallies, a group of high school students from Rockledge High School in Brevard County, Florida briefly walked out of class last Friday to show their support for gun control / the Second Amendment.

2. Many students who participated in the walkout said they would / would not support a program to train and arm school staff to respond during an active shooter situation.

3. South Korea and the U.S. began their delayed joint military training on Sunday. The joint military training is one of the largest military drills conducted annually in the world, with more than 300,000 / 30,000,000 troops.

4. The beginning of the exercises, which usually takes place late February or early March, was postponed this year to avoid an overlap with the Winter Olympics / North Korean birthday celebrations for Kim Jong Un.

5. Six teenagers walked from their towns in Mississippi to Nashville / Memphis, Tennessee this week on a symbolic journey to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

6.The teens walked 15 / 50 miles; each mile represents one year since Dr. King was assassinated.

7. The Department of Homeland Security acknowledged the existence of unauthorized cell-site simulators placed around Washington, D.C. / New York City by either foreign governments or criminals.

8. The mobile snooping devices act as fake cellphone towers and can intercept messages and conversations as mobile phones connect to the towers. DHS officials gave / did not give information on how many devices were discovered or where they were found.

9. U.S. law enforcement agencies recently seized one / over 100 homes in the Sacramento, California-area in what the U.S. Justice Department said was part of a sweeping crackdown on a criminal marijuana growing operation.

10. The pot that was grown in the homes was funded by Mexican-based / Chinese-based criminal groups and sold outside California to other parts of the U.S.

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