1. President Obama signed the omnibus land conservation bill into law this week, breaking a campaign pledge to:
a) push through as many controversial bills as possible
b) bring change we can believe in
c) allow five days for public comment before he signs any bill into law
d) stifle debate on controversial legislation

2. Republicans opposed the land conservation bill for all but which one of the following reasons?
a) it protects the wildlife habitat of many animals from any human presence
b) it eliminates 1.2 million acres from mineral leasing and energy exploration in Wyoming alone – withdrawing 331 million barrels of recoverable oil and 8.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas from domestic energy supply
c) it undermines the Second Amendment by potentially restricting hunting opportunities on Bureau of Land Management land
d) it designates about 2 million acres of parks, rivers, streams, desert, forest and trails – in nine states – as new wilderness and render them off limits to oil and gas drilling and other development

3. Indian car manufacturer Tata Motors will begin selling the “Nano” – the world’s _____________ car this month.
a) smallest
b) cheapest
c) safest
d) quietest

4. _______________ are opposed to production and sale of the “Nano” because they will pollute the air. 
a) consumers
b) Hindus
c) rickshaw drivers
d) environmentalists

5. American farmers intend to cut production of most of the nation’s major crops, including:
a) corn, wheat and cotton
b) corn, sugar and cotton
c) corn, wheat and tobacco
d) tobacco, cotton and sugar

6. Farmers will cut production of crops due to:
a) soaring costs of fertilizer and seed
b) signs that the recession is slowing demand for their crops
c) neither a nor b
d) both a and b

7. ___________________ have called the transfer of power in Madagascar a coup.
a) the African Union and the South African Development Community
b) the United States and the European Union
c) the United Nations and NATO
d) the European Union and the African Union

8. If Madagascar’s ousted elected President Marc Ravalomanana is not reinstated, _____________ has threatened to take military action against the new president Andry Rajoelina.
a) the United Nations
b) the Southern African Development Community
c) troops loyal to President Ravalomanana
d) President Obama

9. All but which of the following is a main reason people have for getting tattoos:
a) because one or both parents have a tattoo
b) to be rebellious
c) to belong to a group
d) because of a strong emotional attachment

10. A British University study found that people who have three or more tattoos are likely to have:
a) a lot of money
b) expensive mecical bills
c) low self esteem
c) a motorcycle

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