1. It was reported this week that between October 2016 and June 2017, law enforcement agencies across the country, instead of transferring them to federal custody, released 142 _______________ that immigration authorities were seeking to deport. The prisoners were subjects of active immigration detainers, which are formal requests made by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to local authorities to hold criminal aliens until federal agents can pick them up.
a) gang members
b) hardworking parents
c) wrongly accused legal immigrants
d) college students

2. About two-thirds of those released, including members of MS-13, the ultra-violent transnational gang composed largely of immigrants from Central American countries occurred in _______________, which has a statewide sanctuary law that limits cooperation between local officials and immigration authorities.
a) Colorado
b) Florida
c) California
d) Arizona

3. The Canadian government is removing diplomats’ family members from its embassy in _______________ over a mystery illness, amid fears some could be suffering from a new type of “acquired brain injury.”
a) Cuba
b) Russia
c) Britain
d) Syria

4. Ten Canadians, including children, developed the symptoms in 2017, but families who had subsequently returned to Canada had continued to suffer symptoms, sometimes improving before their illness returned again. They experienced symptoms including all but:
a) slurred speech
b) short-term memory loss
c) nausea and dizziness
d) loss of hearing

5. Last Friday, a former Texas juvenile center employee who stole $1.2 million worth of fajitas was sentenced to _______________ in prison for theft by a public servant.
a) 5 years
b) 15 years
c) 50 years
d) 150 years

6. The Assistant DA in the Texas county asked the judge to issue the lengthy sentence to _______________. “We feel a strong message should be sent,” he said.
a) get revenge
b) prevent other public servants from committing similar acts
c) “teach this unrepentant criminal a lesson”
d) “keep this animal off the streets”

7. In Florida on Tuesday, the US Coast Guard offloaded more than 12 tons of cocaine and 1 ton of marijuana that had been seized in international waters off the Pacific coast of Mexico, as well as Central and South America. A coast guard officer explained that the portions of the confiscated drugs are (CHOOSE 3):
a) sent to federal labs for testing
b) kept as evidence for subsequent trials
c) sold on the street for a discount as a way to raise money for treatment for drug addicts
d) sent to the Drug Enforcement Administration, which destroys the drugs in a “controlled lab facility”

8. According to Coast Guard Commander Jonathan Carter, the goal of the drug seizures is to:
a) “combat transnational criminal networks”
b) “promote stability in the Central American region, along the US southern border, and in the southern maritime approaches to the US”
c) neither a) nor b)
d) both a) and b)

9. Musician Bob Dorough, best known as a composer and performer for ABC’s educational series of short cartoons _______________ died on Monday at the age of 94.
a) School of Rock
b) Sesame Street
c) Quick Draw McGraw
d) Schoolhouse Rock

10. The cartoons focused on teaching children school subjects like history, math, and grammar through songs set to animation. They began in 1971, when Mr. Dorough was approached by an advertising executive whose son couldn’t remember his _______________ but knew lyrics to many rock songs. Mc Call asked Mr. Dorough to put them to music.
a) grammar rule for i before e
b) ABC’s
c) multiplication tables
d) 123’s

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