1. _________________ Israel observed Yom HaShoah this week – a day of commemoration for the approximately six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

2. _________________ The central theme of this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel was Children in the Holocaust.

3. _________________ According to current and former government officials, in the past few months computer spies have broken into the Pentagon’s most technologically challenging weapons program, as well as the Air Force’s air-traffic-control system.

4. _________________ The cyber spies are believed to be Russian, a charge that their government’s embassy denies.

5. _________________ The purpose of the Big Dog robot for use with soldiers is to serve as a watchdog to alert soldiers when enemies are approaching.

6. _________________ The Big Dog robot can run alongside soldiers, walk slowly, and roll over and play dead.

7. _________________ Due to the continued pirate attacks off the eastern coast of Africa, the major shipping companies have announced that they will be hiring private security guards for their ships.

8. _________________ Solutions offered to put a stop to pirate attacks on cargo ships sailing near Somalia include: hiring more crew members, taking military action against the pirates in Somalia, and finding a way to track and freeze pirate assets.

9. _________________ On her new youtube page, Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a talking cat recite the Declaration of Independence.

10. _________________ U.S. Congressmen have been criticized for their inability to adapt to an online audience when using youtube to present their ideas.


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