1. The closing of airspace due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland left _____ British travelers stranded abroad this week
a) 1,000
b) 10,000
c) 100,000
d) 1,000,000

2. Why did British Air and others call on authorities to end the no fly ban in Great Britain early this week?
a) the companies are losing too much money
b) they don’t believe flying through volcanic ash is dangerous
c) several conducted test flights and determined that it is safe to fly
d) passengers agreed to sign waivers saying they would not sue in the event of a plane crash due to volcanic ash

3. Why are apple growers in the Northeast worried about the early bloom of their trees?
a) the buds can easily be killed off by a hard frost
b) consumers might not want to buy apples so early in the season
c) it could lead to an overabundance of apples, causing prices to drop
d) they are afraid people will grow tired of apple and opt for pecan pie

4. Which of the following did not contribute to the early bloom of apple and other fruits in the Northeast?
a) a balmy early spring
b) an early snow melt
c) heavy rain in March
d) minimal snowfall this winter

5. What group is worried about employee use of social networking sites including Facebook?
a) employers
b) co-workers
c) spouses
d) business competitors

6. What suggestion was made for business owners to protect themselves from potentially embarrassing/damaging information being posted on Facebook, etc. by employees?
a) fire all employees who maintain Facebook pages
b) offer bonuses to employees who agree not to post any work-related information on their Facebook pages
c) implement a written policy on what kind of work-related content is and isn’t acceptable to post and review with employees
d) prohibit the use of social networking sites during work hours

7. India’s government this month began implementing a new education law that:
a) prohibits girls from attending school with boys
b) makes education free and compulsory for every child from age 6 to 14
c) requires every girl between the ages of 5 to 16 to attend school
d) requires all Indian citizens to be able to read at a 6th grade reading level

8. The problem with the new education law in India is that:
a) the government is not able to fund the new law
b) citizens refuse to obey the new law
c) there are too many teachers in India
d) most citizens would rather work than go to school

9. How is the U.S. Army changing its basic training program?
a) by teaching soldiers to reason with their enemies rather than fight them
b) by focusing on honing core muscles and toughening recruits to understand hand-to-hand combat
c) by requiring each recruit to use a bayonet
d) by prohibiting drill sergeants from yelling at recruits

10. On whose advice is the Army making changes to its basic training program?
a) President Obama
b) drill sergeants with experience in the current wars
c) mothers of the recruits
d) Oprah Winfrey


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