DIRECTIONS: Decide whether the bolded section is true or false. Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement, then rewrite each false bolded statement to make it true.

1. __________ The Biden administration is considering sending cash payments to Central Americans to convince them to stay home. Roberta Jacobson, President Biden’s Southern Border Coordinator, couldn’t explain to Reuters how the program would work and later announced that she is stepping down as Southern Border Coordinator.

2. __________ The cash payments proposed by President Biden would be paid for from donations made by the progressive multi-billionaire founders of Twitter, Facebook and Amazon and targeted at people in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, with no mention of Mexico.

3. __________ Iran’s rulers blamed Israel for an attack on its underground Natanz nuclear facility over the weekend that damaged the centrifuges. It is believed that Israel launched a cyberattack that caused a blackout at Iran’s nuclear plant.

4. __________ Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said of the attack on the Natanz nuclear facility that the answer is to “stop denying Israel’s existence and make peace with our neighbor.”

5. __________ The U.S. Army put out a call for fingerprint kits that will be used to help security guards at military bases and facilities quickly identify whether an individual approaching the gate is authorized to enter.

6. __________ The Army is looking to acquire this technology after several high-profile instances in which unauthorized individuals have either attempted or successfully gained access to military bases.

7. __________ A private college in Maine, which costs $50,000 a year, has begun implementing a policy to fine students $5 if they violate the school’s face mask requirement.

8. __________ One student at the Maine college was recently issued a fine when seen by campus police with his mask sticking out of his pocket as he was walking outside, alone.

9. __________ U.S. Border Patrol agents have been redeployed from upstate New York to the southern border to help deal with the migrant crisis caused by climate change.

10. __________ Whistleblower northern border agents told Rep. Elise Stefanik they have grave concerns over the lack of manpower along our Northern Border because “Those that remain are forced to virtually process illegal immigrants in Texas, leaving only a handful to patrol the entire New York Border and zero to patrol our waterways.”

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